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Katarina Asbury, MA, LMHC, director, and lead therapist











Lyn Parsons, MA, MFA


My name is Katarina Asbury.  I am a therapist who is passionate about treating OCD and other anxiety disorders.  I received my Masters in Mental Health Counseling from Gallaudet University in Washington, DC in 2011.  I completed my training in Austin, TX at a clinic called Austin OCD and fell in love with CBT/ERP/HRT. After moving I continued to practice at the Connecticut Anxiety Treatment Center.  In fact I enjoy this therapy so much, that I could never imagine myself doing any other kind.

I believe that therapy is a collaborative process meant to teach people how to manage, cope and return to feeling in control of their lives as soon as possible. I have extensive experience in the application of Exposure Response Prevention and Habit Reversal Therapy. I believe in utilizing CBT in a creative and flexible way to meet the specific needs of each client and where they are in their journey.

I am also fluent in American Sign Language and an interpreter for the Deaf.

Due to having moved so many times, I am now licensed in NY, TX, CT, and RI.  I am a National Board Certified Counselor and certified by the Board of Education for Interpreters.


Lyn Parsons joined Rochester Center for Anxiety Treatment in January 2018.  She has a BA in Speech Pathology from Rutgers University, a BFA from Alfred University, and an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She has been an art teacher for more than 20 years, working in secondary and post secondary settings.  She is now training to become a mental health counselor through the Masters in Counseling program at Northwestern University.  

In her own words, Lyn says, “I believe in the power of working together to bring about the changes you want. Collaborative planning and process are important to me as we tease out and make progress toward your desired goals.”

She is thrilled to be working with the Rochester Center for Anxiety Treatment, where she can use her creativity to plan concrete approaches with clients who are experiencing anxiety.  She also has a special interest in Trauma-Informed Art Therapy, and counseling transgender youth.  She works with adults eighteen and older.

Lyn is seeing patients in the afternoons, early evenings, and Saturdays, for a reasonable fee.

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Rochester Center for Anxiety Treatment would love to grow and add other therapists. I find it rewarding when I am working in an environment with other people who share my passion and truly understand this niche.  The support and creativity that come from being around someone else in our field is invaluable.  There are many general group practices out there that I could join and still feel on my own, simply because they do not approach Anxiety and OCD spectrum disorders with specialized CBT.  Therefore, for now, it is just me.  If you are a licensed mental health practitioner and would like to know more about what it would be like to work at Rochester Center for Anxiety Treatment, I would love to hear from you.

I am also excited to teach therapists in training.  At this time I am able to offer practicum site placement. Please contact me if you are interested in working with anxiety disorders.