Therapy iN American sign lanauage

I am fluent in ASL, an interpreter, and active in the Deaf community.  I understand that having someone who understands your culture but is also in your culture can be both comforting and intimidating.   Please know that I am bound legally and ethically to honor your confidentiality.  It is possible that you would see me in the community, outside of my role as your therapist, and we should work out how best to handle that in advance.  This will of course include privacy and respect on my part, and I hope on yours as well, because trust is a two way street.  My original passion, and the reason I went to Gallaudet, is to provide mental health therapy for Deaf people.  Over time I also developed a specialization in anxiety, and Rochester is the perfect place to combine them.  Please keep in mind that the criteria for treatment applies to Deaf individuals as well; you must have a primary diagnosis of an anxiety disorder I treat.

If you prefer, I am able video-chat with you through Google or Face Time to explain more about my practice.  Please email to set up a time.

 You can find most of the information on our webpage in American Sign Language. (Coming Soon)